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1.4 2020-08-18 Holly Studio

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The description of CIRCULAR

CIRCULAR is a FREE game where the objective is to keep the ball bouncing inside the circle and collecting coins. It sounds simple and it is!

The UI is very intuitive, there are only two controls:
- Swipe up and down on one side (configurable) of the screen to move your player.
- Swipe up and down on the other side of the screen to rotate your player.
That's it!

But don't underestimate it, the ball in CIRCULAR just gets faster and faster and it'll test your reflexes. The developer of the game hasn't been able to get over 500 points yet, can you beat him?

After every game you'll be awarded with gems which you can use to customize your unique look: the color of the U.I. can be modified and background themes can be unlocked.
So be sure to get those gems and unlock everything because the game offers some combinations that make it look beautiful and you'll just enjoy the experience EVEN MORE!

You will also accumulate points in a piggy bank which are payed out each time you set a new high score.

TIP: If you aren't satisfied with the list of colors that can be unlocked you can get (for a modest price) an option that lets you create your own colors, and allows you to enable the RAINBOW EFFECT, which means that every time your player hits the ball the color will change to a random one! This is my favorite feature in the game because it makes it fresh and different every time.

You don't need connection to play the game, which makes it perfect to distract yourself a bit during long bus rides or road trips!

NOTE: CIRCULAR is totally free to download and you can play it for as long as you want without costs. Nevertheless, there is a shop where you can buy gems with real money if you choose to do so and the custom colors feature that is unlocked at a modest price.
Prices range between fifty cents and ten euros (plus local tax) or the equivalent in your currency.
By purchasing any product that the game offers with real money you accept that refunds are NOT supported by the creator. However, "one-time" purchases (those made with real money) can be recovered from your Google account with the RECOVER PREVIOUS PURCHASES button in the gem store (please note that gem packs are NOT one-time purchases and thus, they won't be recovered).

Thank you for believing in CIRCULAR, we hope you have a great time playing it!
All feedback is welcomed in the comments and ratings, let's all together make it grow stronger and more fun!

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Category: Requirements:
Arcade Android 2.3+
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