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Hungry is the Corrupt

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2.2.7 2021-03-13 Far Traveler Comics

The description of Hungry is the Corrupt

In these times of need, save the country's money from the hands of the corrupt!

"Hungry is the Corrupt" is an arcade game with a simple yet powerful message expressed in a satirical way, "when the corrupt can get its hands on state property, policies or the tax payer's money, things will always go wrong".

The game is born out of the creators discomfort with the way politics are handled worldwide, but to be specific, in Dominican Republic, their country of origin.

The game consists of "tapping" on the "state resources" that are falling into the Corrupt's cave, if they are not "tapped", the people's money will be lost, devoured, used for the Corrupt's personal benefit.

These "Resources" are depicted as: Money Bills, Bags of Money and State Contracts.

But watch out for "Hungry"'s minions, the "HungryBats". They fly from side to side to capture "resources" for their master. Watch out for the "Bottles" too, if you break them is your loss!

Enjoy the game! Protect our resources! Fight the Corrupt!

What's new of Hungry is the Corrupt

Portuguese version

"Last Year" Speed decreased

Freeze! Corrected

HighScore Storage Corrected
Category: Requirements:
Arcade Android 4.1+
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