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Can take photos everyday and save them on the calendar!

The description of Album Calendar Free

Album Calendar is an app that you can take photos everyday and save them on the calendar!
Keep your diet log, a journal of everyday of your precious moments and memories, you can use Album Calendar in a various ways!
Save comments and memos in each photo!
Post your photos on Twitter!
Easy-to-use interface!

*Initial window*
Select the color of the calendar. There are 4 colors Pink, Navy, Red and Green.

<Buttons from left-bottom>
1. Camera button: Select a date→tap this button→start up the camera.
2. Today button: Go back to today's date.
3. Left & Right button: Move the date right and left.
4. Album button: See photos taken in the selected month.

*Save photos*
1. Calendar→Camera button→Take photos.
2. You can see saved photos below the calendar.
3. Tap one of the photos→Enlarged pop-up appears.

*Enlarged pop-up window*
<4 buttons of each corner>
1. Top left→Email button: Send photo by email.
2. Top right→Twitter button: Tap this button→Dialog box appears. Enter the Tweets→Tap Twitter button to post.
3. Bottom left→Edit button: Save memos for the photo. You can save the memo in the List Window too.
4. Bottom right→List button: Save memos, send email and post on Twitter.

*Enlarged pop-up window→Edit button→Edit Window*
1. Delete button: Delete the memo and photo.
2. Comment: Save memo for the photo.
3. After entering comment, press "Back" button of the mobile to save the data.

*Enlarged pop-up window→List button→List Window*
1. Email button: Send photos and comment by email.
2. Twitter button: Post on Twitter.
3. Press "Back" button of the mobile to save.

*Calendar→Album button→Album window*
1. See photos of the month.
2. Flip the photo to see the next picture.
3. Center bottom→List button: See all photos in the list.

*Calendar→Menu Button*
1. Search: Search the comments by keywords.
2. Password: Set the password.
3. BaseSetting: Change the color of the calendar.
4. Backup: Save the data to SD card.
5. Setting: Customize the calendar.
6. Twitter Setting: Connect and disconnect Twitter.

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Lifestyle Android 4.2+
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