Crosswalk Assistant

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1.6.4 2021-01-30 NewSoft Lab

The description of Crosswalk Assistant

This little application makes road crossings safer for pedestrians! Especially during the night, fog or in any harsh conditions when you're not sure in your visibility on a road.

What this is all for? In short, for safer pedestrians' life.
There are countless situations in our life when we would love to be as safe as possible when we cross the road, whether using the crosswalk or not. However, all we got was only the trust in drivers, that they can see us and maybe our bright clothes if we are lucky enough to have it.

What if we can use the phones not only to make a bright flash or signal to the drivers so they can see us crossing the road but also to appear on their navigation systems screens as impersonal markers? Become even more visible to their autopilot systems? Made their cars aware of us, crossing the road?

We can now. This is something that can really connect pedestrians from all over the world to the car navigation systems, not only to make the crosswalks a little bit safer but to make the drivers being aware of pedestrians in particular places where road crossings happen!

However, feel free to use the application without letting it use your location data, just deny it to use your position and it still will help you to do cross the road!

What's new of Crosswalk Assistant

- Added widget button to start the app in flashing mode right from the home screen
Category: Requirements:
Travel & Local Android 5.0+
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