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Fingerprint love test

The description of Fingerprint love calculator

Whether your love is real love or just flirting you can make your relationship with your partner or soul mate very pleasant and unforgettable by having fun with this fingerprint love test scanner. This application is a game, a prank that can have fun in your relationship. Is your partner or soul mate right for you? So use this fingerprint love calculator to put your love to the test. It's a good love game for love events like for example Valentine's Day. Enter your name and then scan your fingerprints and you will be amazed with the answers of the fingerprint love calculator. It gives you the percentage of compatibility of your love with your friends or your partner and you can compare the results to determine who will be your ideal partner! This love test game is very playful and fun at the same time and you can play it with your best friends, comrades on special parties. Very easy to use, this love test game allows you to enter your first name and your partner's first name first and then gives you the option to scan your fingerprints in turn. Once your scan and the fingerprint scan of your partner is finished, the game's love counter or calculator proceeds to the processing of names and fingerprints and determines your love compatibility and displays it in a pretty heart sour form of percentage of love. Very easy isn't it? Try it now, it's free! This love test prank app is packed with lots of features and is available in multiple languages. Warning: This love test app is a game to amuse your couple. The fingerprint scan is a joke and therefore is just for entertainment purposes. The test results are not to be taken seriously.

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