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1.9.1 2019-07-28 Internet

Full control of your Indigo-enabled smart home via your phone or tablet!

The description of Domotics Pad Indigo Client

Domotics Pad Indigo Client, formerly DomoPad, is a native Android client for Indigo Domotics' Indigo home automation software, allowing you to take your home automation on the road (or the couch!) Not satisfied with simply duplicating the current web-based access that most Android users utilize, Domotics Pad provides unparalleled access to Indigo including viewing device/variable histories, viewing the Indigo server log, plugin management, and much, much more!

Note: In order to utilize this software, you must be running Indigo Domotic's server software on your Apple-based hardware. More information on the software may be found at

-=- Interact with Devices, Actions, Variables, Control Pages and more... -=-
As you would expect from an Indigo client, Domotics Pad allows you to view and interact with your Indigo devices... turn on and off lights, ramp up your ceiling fan, water your yard and much more. You can view the details of devices - view all of their custom states and even go back in history and see how those states have changed.

Have lots of action groups defined to control your house? Domotics Pad has you covered with browsing and execution of Action Groups or even one-touch execution from the home screen!

Browse and change variables, including going back in time to see how the variable has changed, or utilize the power of control pages to create a custom, polished interface to interact with your house. Control pages may be viewed in a web-based or native format to fit your requirements.

-=- Extend Indigo's Reach -=-
Home automation doesn't stay, well, at home... you and your phone travel, so why shouldn't your automation? With Domotics Pad you can define geo-fences and execute Indigo actions based on those fences. Want to power up your home before you get there? How about ensure that HVAC system isn't cooling an empty house? Setup a fence around your house and instruct Indigo to take actions when you enter or leave that fence.

Ever been on the road only to find something just isn't quite working correctly at home? With Domotics Pad you can browse the Indigo event log using an endless-scrolling view to determine just what is going wrong (hopefully!)

Need immediate access to a notification? Email impractical? Have Indigo send a push notification!

-=- Sampling of Features -=-
* Directly control many devices - lights, fans, HVAC, sprinklers, TiVo, Roku, iTunes and more!
* View device history (when paired with the free Indigo plugin)
* View and edit variables; view variable historical changes (when paired with the free Indigo plugin)
* Execute action groups defined within Indigo
* Native control page display
* Access features to aid in mounting permanent tablets on the wall for home control
* Geofencing and Indigo action executions based on those fences
* View the Indigo server log on your device
* Push notifications - send notifications from Indigo instantly!

-=- Additional Features -=-
* Free edition provides full control of Indigo, no purchase required
* Unlock the Professional version via in-app purchase to gain access to all application settings and additional, pro-only content such as Indigo plugin management, server log viewing and more

This software is a product of Duncanware Development, LLC. Duncanware has no affiliation with Indigo Domotics (Perceptive Automation, LLC), makers of the Indigo Mac Smart Home Server.

What's new of Domotics Pad Indigo Client

* Fixes compatibility issues on Android Oreo and Pie devices<
* Adds new setup wizard utility for initial setup
* Adds ability to show web content on control pages (see forum for instructions)
* Adds ability to play a voice announcement from Indigo
* Defaults control page background to white to match Indigo Touch
* MANY more minor enhancements and bug fixes
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House & Home Android 4.4+
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