Kaptaan Meter – Imran Khan & PTI 100 Days Agenda

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The description of Kaptaan Meter – Imran Khan & PTI 100 Days Agenda

Kaptaan Meter is a specialized application made to count the 100 days PTI Agenda made by Imran khan. This Imran Khan meter is an interactive app containing Imran khan 100 days’ agenda defined by PTI Officials after Imran Khan qualified for PM Ship.

Kaptaan meter will be keeping eyes on the promises made by Kaptaan and his team to make it building stone of Naya Pakistan.

Imran Khan meter have been divided into 6 Categories, Governance, federation, economic growth, agriculture and water, social services and security. Each of the category have been further divided into the action point which are actually the promises of The newly elected party PTI expected PM Imran Khan.

Our application have kept two progress bars, one is dedicated to the whole performance of 100 days plan, which will be showing What percent of the total have been executed, and achieved. In the second sub category we are showing of progress of achieved action point in the specific category.

The progress bars of Imran khan meter will be functional after once Imran Khan take PM Ship Oath, and he and his team meet the points made in the 100 days agenda.

Imran Khan meter will continually monitoring the progress made by the PTI government and will be updating in the application.

App functionalities
1. Kaptan meter progress bar have been divided into days counter, total achieved, in progress and Pending promises.
2. Whenever PTI government achieve any promise made, kaptaan meter will be automatically updated will show the percentage in progress bar.
3. Every category have been assigned a progress bar including, total action points, total achieved percentage, and total in Pending.
4. The category pages will go green ( Pakistan flag color ) when its point are achieved
5. Every point mentioned in every category will go green, once they are achieved
6. Imran Khan meter is offered in both English and Urdu languages, user can easily switch into English Urdu languages.
7. We will be updating this kaptan meter every day.
This is small contribution from our team to the Naya Pakistan, We hope we will be continuously updating the progress bar, and pray that it will reach to 100 % in 100 days.
Suggestions are welcome and Appreciated, AND don’t forget to give us 5 Star Review.

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