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A clever Connect the dots puzzle game enhanced with a manhattan shuffle twist.

The description of Dots: The Manhattan Shuffle

Not your usual connecting the dots game. This one is cleverly design with a few twists.

You must connect at least five dots. You have 60 seconds or more!

- The 1st twist is : You get lots of extra points(and extra time) for connecting all dots of one color.

- The 2nd twist is : In addition to being able to connect dots that are adjacent(right next) to each other, you can also connect dots that are not too far(a dot away) and diagonally adjacent (i.e. not on the same row or column). Check the pictures to see some examples.

-The 3rd twist is the manhattan shuffle:
You get more points by making longer connections lines. you get more points by connecting more dots.

- Even more twist ( new modeds ) : there is now a box mode, memory mode and loops only mode.

We consider the manhattan distance in computing the score. The longer the manhattan distance the better.

what is the manhattan distance, you might wonder? Check your wiktionary. But if you don`t know, don`t worry, you can still play. just know that longer connection lines give better score.

In summary:
- Connect all dots of one color if you can (for big point & extra time)
- Be fast, be smart.
- Longer connection lines give better scores
- The more connected dots, the merrier.

Happy dots!

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Casual Android 2.2
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