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10000+ FreeCell Solitaire

Latest Version: Publish Date: Developer:
1.0.8 2020-04-02 Titan Inc

The description of 10000+ FreeCell Solitaire

What is the 10000+ FreeCell Solitaire game, how does it work?

According to the introduction of Titan Inc, 10000+ FreeCell Solitaire is a Card game on the Android platform. There is currently a 1.0.2 version released on Jun 09, 2017, you can see the details below.

FreeCell is a solitaire based card game played with a 52 card standard deck. It is fundamentally different from most solitaire games in that very few hands are unsolvable.Although software implementations vary, most versions label the hands with a number (derived from the random number seed used to generate the hand).

To win FreeCell, you must get all the cards onto the Foundations. The Foundations are ordered by suit and rank, each Foundation has one suit and you must put the cards onto them in the order Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King. To do that you can use the moves described below

Popular features of Solitaire:
1. Single tap or drag and drop to move a card
2. Undo feature
3. Auto finish a completed puzzle once all facedown cards are flipped over
4. More than 12,000 puzzles.

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Category: Requirements:
Card Android 9.0 (Pie)
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