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1.0.11 2021-01-22 Gamesgully

The description of Reversi - Gamesgully

* Game Mode: Reversi

The objective of the players is to win the game by having more of his/her own disks on the board as compared to the opponent player's disks.

Out of the two players whoever ends up having more disks on the board by the end of the game wins the game.

The players can make a move by placing a new disk hoping over atleast one disk of the opponent player in the vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction.

If no more valid moves are available for any player and both have the same number of disks then the game results in a tie.

* Game Mode: Anti-Reversi

The rules are same as Reversi mode but the goal is different, the winner the of game is the player having least number of disks at the end.

What's new of Reversi - Gamesgully

* Added Anti-Reversi/Reversed-Reversi game mode
Category: Requirements:
Board Android 4.1+
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