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Random Number God APK

Latest Version: Publish Date: Developer:
1.1.5 2018-12-02 JustACicada

The description of Random Number God

An incremental game about probability manipulation, cards, and rolling ridiculous amounts of dice.

Use a customizable deck of cards to alter chance and defeat a never ending string of randomized robot enemies.

* Fully customizable deck of cards
* Cards generated procedurally, with effects such as increasing your number of dice, forcing or forbidding certain rolls, or even altering the number of sides on the dice
* Enemies generated by combining multiple random parts, resulting in a wide variety of possible combinations with different attributes, abilities and appearance
* Incremental progression. Your first enemies will have under a hundred health, but before you realize it you will be facing foes with a trillion health that require a quadrillion dice to take down
* Endless number of enemies of increasing difficulty to defeat. What is the highest rank you can reach?

What's new of Random Number God

- Some new content (1 card type, 2 enemy arms, 3 enemy bodies)
- Special enemies with multiple arms appear earlier (every 10 ranks, instead of every 20)
- Tweaked some numbers to better balance the player's EXP
Category: Requirements:
Card Android 4.1+
Random Number God APK Version History
Random Number God 29.5MB APK(Update: 2018-12-02)
Random Number God 29.7MB APK(Update: 2018-11-19)
Random Number God 29.7MB APK(Update: 2018-11-17)
Random Number God 29.7MB APK(Update: 2018-11-17)
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