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Playing this game on a regular basis, will not only help children from age 3 to 6 to develop their cognitive skills and executive functions needed for school readiness; it will also help children from first grade and onward to enhance the tools and spatio-temporal abilities required for lecture and mathematics. Designed and tested by a team of professional from various educative specialties, this game definitely offers a wide range of themes, fitting every age and needs.

Extra options can help the child to progress through the different levels and not get bored by the game, making a simple memory game a great educational tool for concerned parents, and will keep children entertained when most needed.

This game was designed to be play-friendly for the kid, but also for the parents with the possibility to disable or enable separately music / effects / voice.

Learn new words and develop skills through playing:
✔ Preschool kids: for each card a voice recording plays and allows kids to associate image and sound. For example, when a player opens a card with image of an elephant, a voice saying »elephant« is played. This game can also help or reinforce colors learning and help your child to develop spatio temporal notions such as before/after, up/down, etc...
✔ School kids: The attention and spatial skills required on medium and hard levels, will help children to develop their reading and counting skills. The game can be quite challenging for older kids, and even adults as they might discover it trying to match their children scores on mixed colors levels.
✔ Non English speaking kids: learn the English words for the objects on the cards. Different stimuli, verbal as well as visual, make it easy to associate name and object.
✔ Each section contains extra features, which make the game more challenging and enhance children cognitive skills with incomplete or changed visuals and audio stimuli, presenting mixed colors, sliced vegetables to match with full ones, having to pair animal sounds without the associated image.

Three game themes are featured:
✔ Colors
✔ Animals
✔ Food
Each game has three difficulty levels. In free version easy and medium difficulties are available. For hard difficulty and extra options (which diversify the gameplay further) see the full version, which is also without ads.

Thanks to various contributors from Open Game Art and Free Sound project. Special thanks also to James Lopez for providing his voice.

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