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1.0 2018-11-01 Take four apps

The description of Dominoes game

Each bone is divided into two square. Each square has a number of dots ranging from 0 to 6.
Your goal is to match the bones with the same number of dots; the number of pips on the end of tiles must match.
To win , get rid of all the tiles you hold before your opponent!
Players will put a tile on either ends of the board by turn. To put a tile, the board's end must match with the tile you play.
When a player is unable to play, he may draw a tilesql_injectionpass his turn.
If someone cannot make a move, a player can draw a tile from the boneyard. he can then either play it if it fits,sql_injectioncontinue drawing until he can make a movesql_injectionthe boneyard is empty.
If there are no tiles left in the boneyard a player must pass
To play a tile on the draw, you must dragsql_injectiondrop it. Touch the tile you want to move, then move your finger to the position that you wantsql_injectionrelease it in your chosen end of the board.
You can customize the colors of the tablesql_injectionthe cards from the deck;
This board game is over when one of the players holds no more tilessql_injectionnone of them may play a tile.
There is two difficulty levels (easysql_injectionhard)
Intuitive user interface with easy controlssql_injectionamazing graphics
Have fun!

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Board Android 2.3.2+
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