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1.0.2 2020-08-20 iColdo Games

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The description of Idle Clicker Farming in Rainbow Village

Do you want to have fun in an idle relaxing game? Try out Farming in Rainbow Village! Ever dreamed of owning your own farm? Being the master of your own destiny? Becoming a farming tycoon? Do you just dream about money, money and MONEY? Then Idle Farming in Rainbow Village is the idle clicker for YOU!

Farming in Rainbow Village is a fun idle farming game where you take on the role of a small farmer that inherited a small piece of land in the lively and always sunny ️Rainbow Village. On this farm, no one is allowed to be idle, except you, its owner. Learn about the farm land, how to invest smart in your business and turn it into an amazing farm with huge profit!

Moving to the countryside and tending the farm land, planting and cultivating all kind of different crops what could be better than that? We tell you what: money, money and MONEY! Yes, you love growing your fresh organic tomatoes in your own backyard but what about having more? Move to Rainbow Village and have all the farmland at your disposal. Add a cabbage plantation next to your tomato stalk, add a sunflower field and why not having your own mill for flour? And when you think that that’s it, bring some animals into the farm!

Is it too much work for you? Don’t worry, now that you are building this farming empire, you have money, money, money and you can hire famous managers like Mr. TomatYiagi to take care of your tomato plantation or like Mini-Minotaur to manage your cowshed and even more famous managers want to work with you now, after all, who doesn't want to work with the billionaire farming tycoon.

Build and grow your farm in this relaxing idle clicker! Tend to your crops and animals and then sell your businesses to start again with profit bonuses!

- UPGRADES! Every business has more than 50 unique upgrades!

- Hire FAMOUS MANAGERS to work for you while you are idle!

- PRESTIGE once you've unlocked everything! Sell everything and start over with more experience and increased profits!

- COMPETE WITH FRIENDS and prove you are the best farmer. Surpass their level and prove that the farming life is best suited for you!

- GO FISHING for COLLECTIBLES that increase the value of your business and catch RARE FISH to trade the business without losing progress!

- TAP TO EARN money, grow your business and become the best farmer in Rainbow Village!

- HARVEST fresh farm crops of your favorite fruits and vegetables! Don't forget to watch out for weeds!

- LEVEL UP your farm for increased rewards and bonuses. Each level grants you gems that can be used for powerful upgrades!

- DAILY LOGIN BONUSES in gems to help you increase your profit.

- Enjoy a RELAXING game growing your farming empire while tending to your harvest.

- TAKE ADVANTAGE of Rainbow Village’s Rainbow Power. Click the cloud and increase your profit!

Business strategy for the aspiring family farmers!

- You can trade your gems from the daily login bonus for some quick money by acquiring profit or speed multipliers, time travel elixirs or you can invest them towards the mine that will produce a steady income of gems every day.

- It is a wise decision to invest the gems in either the Dairy or in speed/profit multipliers. While using a time travel elixir to forward the time and getting easy profits sounds tempting, a more long-term well thought out plan will bring higher profits.

Play the best relaxing farm game: Idle Farming in Rainbow Village, build your farming empire and make it rain with money!

What's new of Idle Clicker Farming in Rainbow Village

Minor bug fixes.
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Simulation Android 4.1+
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