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8.12.3z 2021-01-22 Harmonika Games

The description of GuessChampions

To play is simple, you must find out who is the champion of the game lol by the weapon he uses, write correctly and pass the level.

There are hundreds of heroes, and many weapons to make you have fun
in this quiz game.

A quiz game unlike any other, do you know your champion of the game in depth? Find yourself playing this game and guessing all the heroes. There are more than 140 levels!
Contagious questions and answers, an IQ test for you to enjoy!

Guess and test your knowledge in this fun hero game!

A very fun guessing quiz game, find weapons, equipment, accessories and sets that your lol champion uses.

Do you know every detail of your favorite champion? we challenge you to test your knowledge in the game lol, Guess what.

Questions and answers of different levels!

Guessing game, to test your knowledge, play this quiz !.

Guessing questions and answers to pass the time.

Shared questionnaires, ask friends for help in finding out the correct answer. Play with your friends.

To play at home with friends and the class on social media, share your doubts and try to get the answers right.

Collect coins with each hit, pass levels and evolve your knowledge, there are thousands of levels for you to have fun!

Test your knowledge of the game of league of legends, inspired and developed by fans of league of legends.

Guessing quiz game with many levels for you to have fun!

* For you who are a fan of magic and witchcraft, you will love this enchanted world! You will be able to
* Be a great wizard, the best of all wizard !!! capture rare and epic weapons, wands, equipment and artifacts in this fantasy universe, conquer all the power within you!
* Magic world, unlock magic items and expand your collection, unravel the mysteries for you to have fun at home or anywhere.
* A hint of fun for your daily life, together the magic happens!
* Here you find the most powerful items in the world, check the list:
-> Powerful Wands.
-> armor
-> Magic sporting goods.
-> Powerful relic.
-> Rare and mysterious items.
powerful objects.

#find the items of fantastic, fanciful animals and monsters.
#find which items belong to the arcane wizard
#fantasia, monstrous, elementary
#Evoke the weapons
#Reliquias in a mysterious place full of enchantment.
#Creation and inventions, make a world of moba, fiction and delirium, utopia and chimera in this game.

#good to play online or offline download this cooperative game for mobile!
feel free in this sensational steam apk mod 2020. single player, multi player, share your doubts and play with friends.
Share with friends!
Ideal for weak mobile, in the offline world!
free, not paid, free game!

NOTE: This game has no ties to Riot Games or your official in-game account, have fun testing your knowledge of the league of legends game. Developed by fans who love the Riot Games universe!

What's new of GuessChampions

- Added 143 Levels
- Progression System
- Collectable coin prizes.
- Answer Assist System
- Sharing with social platforms.
Category: Requirements:
Casual Android 5.0+
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