PieceFigs APK

Latest Version: Publish Date: Developer:
1.2.5 2021-02-23 BRIH (Shirokanev Alexander)

The description of PieceFigs

Break the canvas into pieces until a familiar picture is formed. Choose the correct answer from the suggested ones when you find out what`s in the picture. To get more stars, guess the picture for few clicks. You will lose the stars if you make mistakes.
Possible types of app management:
1. Split the fragment into 4 equal parts by quick short touch.
2. In Touch mode, hold your finger on the fragment to recursively break the fragment into pieces. Then you will break many fragments, so clicks accrue quickly.
3. In Drag mode, the fragments are broken while you swipe. Then the splitting is darting, so the clicks accrue quickly.
The modes are switched by the lever. Click on the triangle button to activate the panel. Then you will see the total number of the stars you got. On the same panel, you may see the buttons for the app usage guides.

What's new of PieceFigs

The font updated. The style updated. Ads reduced.
Category: Requirements:
Casual Android 5.0+
PieceFigs APK Version History
PieceFigs 1.2.5 APK(Update: 2021-02-23)
PieceFigs 1.2.4 APK(Update: 2021-02-21)
PieceFigs APK(Update: 2021-02-14)
PieceFigs 1.1.2 APK(Update: 2021-01-25)
PieceFigs 1.0.5 APK(Update: 2021-01-17)
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