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特工使命 APK

Latest Version: Publish Date: Developer:
2.1.0 2021-05-19 武汉飓风世界科技有限公司

The description of 特工使命


* 简单轻松的操作,爽快流畅的战斗
* 魔性的玩法配上洗脑的音乐,玩进去就停不下来
* rogue-lite元素让你每一局都是新体验
* 大量特色武器,套装,宝物,搭配千变万化
* 数以百计能力各异的强力头目等待着你的挑战
* 肾上腺素爆发,激活子弹时间华丽动作极限反杀
* 良心爆炸的街机模式,无需道具解锁,立即体验完整内容
Don't hesitate to download the game instantly, pick up the weapon in your hand and shoot it! Absolutely let you stop!

Game features:
* Simple and easy operation, cool and smooth fighting
* Magical gameplay with brainwashing music, can't stop when you play in
* The rogue-lite element makes every game a new experience
* A large number of special weapons, suits, treasures, and ever-changing
* Hundreds of powerful leaders with different capabilities are waiting for your challenge
* Adrenalin eruption, activate bullet time, gorgeous action limit, anti-kill
* Conscience explosion arcade mode, no need to unlock the item, immediately experience the full content

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Category: Requirements:
Action 4.1 and up
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