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0.6 2020-04-02 CarefreeGame

The description of Tap Tap Crush

Tap Tap Crush, an interesting puzzle game, is suitable for all ages no matter when and where. This is a simple but challenging game, wanna try? Come and challenge with your smart fingers and brain!

User Manual for Tap Tap Crush

1. Click two or more horizontal or vertical adjacent cubes and they will be eliminated. Then the remaining blocks will fill the position of the eliminated blocks from a specific direction subsequently, and the combination order of all the blocks will change accordingly. Repeat it until there are no blocks left;

2. You will gain scores for eliminated blocks every time. The more blocks being eliminated, the higher scores you gain.

3. There are 60 levels and scores will be accumulated. From level 1 on, scores is started to be counted. Only after reach the specific scores for each level, you can continue; otherwise, game over. For example, 1000 points for level 1, 2400 points for level 2, etc.

4. You can get the virtual leaves (similar to gold coins) through the game. Using gold coins is to upgrade, eliminate block rewards and get items.

5. As the level improves, the specific score will increase accordingly. The combination of using items and strategy to eliminate blocks are required to complete all of the 60 levels.

When can you play Tap Tap Crush

1. When you are tired from work or in thinking plight, you need to chill yourself with this lovely game.

2. when you are on your commute bus or subway, you can have a little bit of fun with this game.

3. Before you go to sleep or on vocation.

4. When you are enjoying your weekend breakfast or waiting for someone in the cafe.

5. When you are enjoying the company with kids and want to try some puzzle games together.

6. When you are boring with your cellphone.

7. When your cellphone is out of network and you cannot access the social network.

8. Whenever you want to try a relaxing game. You can play Tap Tap Crush.

Our designers have elaborated all game interfaces by applying a very beautiful flat style. The interface is pretty comfortable with a hint of mystery. You will definitely experience the wonderfulness when you play.

We carefully prepared 60 levels in this game. Superb wisdom and elaborate strategy are required to fulfill the ultimate challenge. We believe that you can complete all of the 60 levels with your wisdom and intelligence via continuous attempt. We hope that this game can bring with you wonderful and interesting game experience.

The scenes vary every 20 levels. As the higher level you are, you will experience different wonderful scenes. Download Tap Tap Crush Click Click Blast, enjoy the brain storm.

We hope that Tap Tap Crush can bring you with a very wonderful game experience.

What's new of Tap Tap Crush

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Casual Android 4.4+
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