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4.1 2021-02-27 GoalGames

The description of Land Rush

Work your way from the leader of a small settlement to the emperor. Expand your possessions through peaceful expansion or by taking land by force from your neighbors.


Unique game mechanics - a hybrid of turn-based strategy and real-time strategy. Accumulate turn points (growth at the standard speed 1 TP per 1 minute, accumulation limit max 450 TP) and spend them on the development of your empire (1 turn = 1 month).
Non-linear development! All buildings and units are available from the very beginning of the game. Now you do not need to gain experience for days to get to a new technology! All players find themselves on an equal footing, and only your cunning and strategic thinking will lead you to victory!

There are 11 civilisations you can choose from:
Vikings are a military powerhouse and strong economy bonuses.
Franks have an explore bonus, food bonus, and a military negative.
Japanese are smart peoples. They research double any other civ.
Byzantines: this civ is the gold maker.
Arguably the most powerful, and important civ in the game. Basically, they get a bonus on weapons making.
Incas are a powerhouse attack civ,
Chinese are also a relatively cheap option. They are born to attack, and do it very effectively, and very destructively.
The predominant wine makers of the game.
Absolute powerhouse civ, with strong cavalry and horse production.
Teutonicus - strong foot army.
Kievan - strong defense army

What's new of Land Rush

Two new Nations: lead Teutonicus and Kievan people to Glory: en-CA
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Strategy Android 5.0+
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