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2.7.1 2018-10-19 Herrmann, Tom

The SetlX programming language - now on YOUR device! (at least sort of)

The description of setlX

"Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes."

setlX is an interpreter for the SetlX programming language and now (sort of) works even on YOUR mobile device.

Solve mysterious quests in set theory, or keep it handy as an excuse for playing with your device during lectures. Also handy as programmable calculator.

Suggested Work-Flow:
* The first time you try to open a file, a "SetlX" folder will be created on your SD-card.
* Use a text editor and save your SetlX files into this folder.
* Use the file mode to select and execute.

Learn more at:
Download the tutorial explaining SetlX:

* The graphics library is not available on Android (patches are welcome ;-) ).
* setlX might get silently killed by the Android framework when your program runs out of memory. On most devices the limit for each application is between 20 MB and 1/4 of the main memory.
* Visit for access to beta versions.
* Deprecated version for Android 3.2 and older:

Recommended Companion Applications:
* Hacker's Keyboard
* Jota Text Editor
* OI File Manager
* ... and a tablet with a huge display

What's new of setlX

* update to latest SetlX core
* sacrifice of my time to our omniscient and infallible google overlords (target latest SDK as demanded)
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Education Android 4.0.3+
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