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1.50 2018-07-30 hira_soft

Gym DB is a optimum app to manage and log your workout.

The description of GymDB

Let's get in the best shape of your body with continuous workouts and Gym DB!!
Gym DB is a optimum app to manage and log your workouts. It will support your workouts by line chart of Muscle strength(1RM), Running ability(cardio) and Body weight.(like gymgoal)
Whether you're doing body-weight workouts at home or machine workouts at the gym, Gym DB is the simplest and the best management app.
If you take a note of your workout, make a chart of the results by Excel, manage your several workouts by separate app and do workout without proper menu,
You can improve the environment by Gym DB!!

★no ad
★no account creation
★no internet connection
★simple UI
★easily create and edit
★simple scheduling
★start quickly
★interval timer
★log calendar
★log chart
★copy your result for tweet or blog
★calculate the weight from your results
★auto data backup
★Picture diary
(*There are some not corresponding models. If then please use backup apps like Helium)
(*Picture Diary is not bucked up automatically. Please move them by manual.)

Usage detail is in linked below.

Another thing I need to clarify is that we are not responsible for any trouble and damage include data lost.
This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0

Update History
Rev06 Add recommended weight calculator for the training purpose
Rev09 Add Unit fix function by unit button long tap.
Rev13 Add Background theme. you can change it from menu.
Rev14 Support SD transfer
Rev18 Add Order priority function and Program list order change function
Rev19 Add 5 schedule pattern
Rev21 Adjust chart layout, Add shortcut for chart on the main page
Rev23 Add Auto Backup function
Rev24 Add Stopwatch
Rev25 Add Memo function
Rev26 Bug fix
Rev27 Add monthly summary
Rev28 Add alarm sound for timer
Rev29 Adjustment
Rev30 Optimized
Rev31 Adjust Calendar view
Rev32 Add free running program
Rev33 Bug fix
Rev34 Add 7days trial
Rev35 Add dateline change function
Rev36 Layout optimize
Rev37 Add Camera function
Rev38 Camera function optimize
Rev39 Add Fat ratio recording, Push to the limit function(from history long tap), cooperation with Google fit(beta).
Rev40 Add Google map distance measurement feature
Rev41 Adjustment
Rev42 Add confirmation pop-up for workout recording.
Rev43 Add Memo function
Rev44 Add "skip and add" function on Schedule page
Rev45 Optimize picture size
Rev46 Add LBM chart
Rev47 Add Looping function

What's new of GymDB

Support Android6 and 7
Add Flick menu
Bug fix around camera function
Category: Requirements:
Health & Fitness Android 4.0+
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