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V1.2.39 2021-05-19 偲来方

The description of Afterthen

Afterthen · In the end of time, to the other end.
Create memory cards with mood icons and cool colors, and write down every countdown or anniversary.
Every day, whether it is happy, sad, interesting, or moving, is worthy of your collection.
Simple card design, cool style, let us use the fragmentation time to capture every estrus of the years.

* How many days ago did she meet her first time?
* The story of flowers? These days in the memory of the top, calculate its number of days.
* How many days does the cute daughter's little candy have this birthday?
* Did the birthday card last year be filed?
* How many days are there on the departure date of the Amazon Jungle Tour?
* How many days are there on the credit card repayment date each month?
* etc.
Create a color card by selecting a mood icon for each anniversaries and countdown days.
Let "Afterthen" remind you.

* Card list, simple and beautiful
* Cool black darcula style, colorful color matching
* 30 mood icons to choose from
* In-progress and archive cards, including countdown days and anniversaries
* Not only can count down, but also positive numbers, can calculate the number of days, or calculate the number of weeks
* Reminder countdown function
* Each card can choose your favorite color background
* Leave some text records and give some tips to memorize
* Each card can be archived or unarchived
* Favorite cards can be topped
* Cards can be set to repeat automatically every month or every year
* Multiple sorting functions
* Password protection can be turned on to protect privacy

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What's new of Afterthen

Create memory cards with mood icons and cool colors!
Continue to improve the user experience.
Let's try it.
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Lifestyle 4.4 and up
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