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1.4.22 2021-05-19 轻阅网络

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Pineapple Bun comics, a large collection of popular comics, a comic reader, a large number of free popular full-color comics, covering light novel adaptations, love, blood, action, adventure, campus, beauty, thriller, funny, sports, science fiction, magic, suspense, healing Comics in various categories, such as, war, and tyrant comics;
Convenient operation and excellent reading experience!
More popular and popular works are updated in advance;
Combine with Pineapple Bun Light Novel, and the experience is even more!

[First look at super popular works]
hero? I have long since quit, the retired life of the king of martial arts, because I am an uncle who opened a weapon shop, I am a rich and handsome man, after the transformation, my rhapsody with her, this QQ group is extremely poisonous, fantasy armed, I am not magic Maiden...Super popular comics, the first to be updated among all platforms!

[A lot of fine Chinese comic books]
Yuan Zun, Master of Soul Control, Inhuman, Demon God, Darling, Law of Hades, Eternal Sword God, Adorable Master, My Original Waste Chai, Star Martial Art, My Royal Highness is going to hang up, Shadow Cat, Grace Story, Magical marriage contract, Wang Jue’s private treasure, the eyes of perspective, the emperor is not too fierce, Tiankeng eagle hunting, BOSS brother, you owe you, start to be a star today, my family has a concubine... the wonderful of the country is beyond you Imagine.

【Software Features】
A large number of genuine comics are constantly being updated.
The hot and interesting Tucao barrage is more than addictive.
The classification is complete, and there are always your favorite works every week.
Collection works update reminder, you will not miss the update of your favorite works.
Feel free to share, there are good-looking works Can't wait to see your friends Amway?
The sharing function allows you to recommend works to your friends anytime, anywhere.
Support local downloads, and cache the works you want to see in advance. Don’t worry about not seeing it when you don’t have internet!
One-click login on QQ WeChat, eliminating the trouble of temporary registration!
High-definition pictures, read comics without hurting your eyes

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Comics 4.4 and up
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