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GML1.0.6 2018-03-22 NOS Inc.

The description of My Launcher for Google Play

Version "My Launcher " is a home application that allows you to change the design of the full screen of the terminal bulk Android.
Course redesign, such as the home screen icons and customize the search widget set also watch and convenient!
Will deliver a wide range of genres, such as theme Kisekae fashion brands and popular anime characters one after another! Viewers also popular themes Feel free to try!

【Features My Launcher! !】
◆Mass changes the design of the full-screen smartphone with easy operation!
◆My Launcher is free! Themes are always on the way as well!
◆Custom home screen animation wallpaper rich♪
◆Change of more than 37 different design icon and folder! Icon can be changed individually one by one!
◆Change the set clock, widget also search!
◆Easily manage vast app list sorting function!
◆Original menu that aggregates frequently used functions♪
◆Direct manipulation app from the HOME screen!
◆POP-up operation in the great light!
◆Provide reassurance and support apps in the app made in Japan

・Place setting details
 Can be changed, following the design of the place setting!
 ・Home screen
 ・Live Wallpaper
 ・Drawer screen (list screen apps)
 ・Dock bar
 ・menu screen(Screen when you press the menu button)
 ・App icon(More than 37 e-mail, browser, phone book, phone, camera, such as a browser!)
 ・Folder icon
 ・Dust Box
 ・Lock screen
 ・Clock Widget
 ・Search Widget

【Design change in the "My Themes"】
★What is "My Theme"? ?
Must separately download the "My Theme" to change the design of the "My Launcher"!
Batch download change, if you install select the design of your choice from the lineup of the "My Themes"♪
Available through the "Google Play" or "My Store" "My Theme" appeared in succession.

・Search for"My Store"
Special theme "My Launcher", widget, icon, live wallpaper, site delivery!
First trial because I have to deliver the theme for free!

・Search for "Google Play"
After downloading the Home app, tap on the home screen "NOS Inc."!

【Setting method】
【1】Download "My Launcher" app→ Install the slide down the notification area at the top of the screen
【2】Locate and download the theme of your favorite apps Kisekae "Google Play" or "My Store".
【3】"Completing the Configuration" → select the theme you want to change the design from → "My Theme" Select → "My Theme" menu screen Menu button → "My Launcher"

★Genuine Home app that I can not change!
I just downloaded the "My Launcher", I can not change the default home have lingered!
Such people can be changed in the following procedure to set up a home app!

【1】Screen terminal settings → Apps → Application Management → Home app that is now set→ Clear the configuration for "Starting by default"
【2】HOME button of the terminal → Select the application → I select the "My Launcher" Put a check in the "Always use this action"

Click here for more information on how to set!

【Compatible models・OS】
・OS support: Android OS 2.3 or higher

【How, Contact Us, request it here】
Request feedback from customers,
Will be reflected as a valuable feedback to improve the app for your report, such as kill bugs and display problem!
I'm going to do at any time in the future improvement of the performance!

※Unable to request feedback feedback field review, it is very difficult to work enough to support our customers. Very sorry to trouble you, but please feel free to send us at the following URL.

★Contact us My Launcher
Contact Us:[email protected]

◆My Launcher Overview
Contact Us:[email protected]
PC site:

【Company that provides】
NOS Inc.

What's new of My Launcher for Google Play

Changes to the browser, which is specified by the default Android OS standard browser the browser start-up
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Personalization Android 2.2+
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