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1.3.2 2021-05-19 Cordchat

The description of Cordchat

Respect privacy. Let personal message tool stay personal.

From budget planning, candidate selection, product design, contract negotiation to after-sales service, Cordchat offers you a platform for serious discussions in professional manner.

1. Stay Organized
Email-based discussions are notorious for untimely response, hard to consolidate message history, missing key conclusions etc.
In Cordchat, discussions are conducted in various private / public channels with explicit topics. No one will miss any critical information throughout the journey.

2. Lower Risk
People get messed due to sending wrong message in the wrong chat group. It is not funny and sometimes, may be vital to your business indeed. With its unique UI design, Cordchat turns such risks to minimal.

3. Better Customer Engagement
With built-in Web Visitor Centre (WVC), you will be notified and talk able to with visitors of your web site with no delay.

4. Scalability
Your project is big. So big such that people involved exceeds the limit of broadcast list (some is 500, 100 or even lower….) of conventional message app.
Cordchat accepts unlimited users per team. Only sky is the limit of your project, fans group and business.

5. Compliance
Communications among staff and clients are all conducted in a professional manner. Smart Export** allows the administrator to keep copies of critical records for the sake of regulatory compliance

6. Security
For business or project which requires discussion within an ultra-secured environment, you have no choice but to host the whole communication behind your firewall. Cordchat’s self-hosted solution will not disappoint you.

7. Dilemmabuster
Without making your mobile number public, you can still serve your clients wherever you are.

8. Right Speech, Right Place
Accidentally sending a confidential business plan to your Sunday football team may cost you dear. Let Cordchat do the serious things. Your private message tool is for your kids and buddies.

9. No Message from Stranger
Amid a serious discussion of salary review, suddenly a message from an unknown insurance agent reminds you about an investment opportunity??!!
No more such distraction happens again in Cordchat. You will only receive messages from whom you know.

10. Peace of Mind with a New Phone
You may heard of (or even experience) losing all your message history when switching to a new smartphone.
Cordchat will not let it happen. We promise business as usual while you enjoy your new toy.

11. Self-Destruct Timer
You want to say something. But you may not want them to be seen by others who join your team later. Custom self-destruct timer helps you speak as you like.

What's new of Cordchat

1. Misc. bug fixes and UI enhancements.
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Social 4.2 and up
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