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1.0.35 2019-01-28 KOKODAS INC.

USB TimeClock  - Working with USB contactless smart card reader.

The description of USB TimeClock

◆App Salient Features
✔Support external USB contactless smart card reader.
(Don't required card-reader driver software for Android, Supported devices are listed on our home page. )
✔Quick response of smart card recognition.
✔Punch data (Excel/CSV encrypted zip file) sended via email.
✔Automatic time adjust via internet NTP server.
✔Prevent duplicate time punch.
✔Total up, working time, overtime.
✔Possible to execute as Android home application.

◆App Brief Explanation:
✔Working with USB contactless smart card reader.
✔Apps identify individuals by the smart card, such as public transit ticket or student id card.
✔Cut down the totaling labor cost, and Time cards paper cost.
✔You can punch time every place carrying this application, even at construction site, exhibitions, conferences and social events.
✔The registration of more than five people, you will need to purchase a token.(There is no need for subscription.)

◆Validated Contactless Smart Card Reader.
✔Advanced Card Systems, Ltd ACR122U
✔SCM Microsystems, Inc. SCL010
✔Sony Corp. FeliCa S380/S370/S330 [PaSoRi]
✔NEXUS7 Internal NFC Reader.

◆Validated Smart Card.
✔MIFARE Standard/Ultralight
✔Felica 212/424

* "Excel" is trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
* "Felica" is registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
* The names of other companies and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
* This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0

What's new of USB TimeClock

Version 36 (1.0.35)
1. Support android account selection even on Android 8.0 or above.

Version 35 (1.0.34)
1. Suppressed usb device detection popup.

Version 34 (1.0.33)
1. Change taget api level. (Google requirement)

Version 33 (1.0.32)
1. Send mail if happened write internal storage error.

Version 32 (1.0.31)
1. Export punch data to internal SD card when migrate new device.

Version 31 (1.0.30)
1. Update Google Libs.
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