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3.0.0 2021-05-19 Hitrader Technology Limited

The description of 海錘客服

海锤联盟 是海锤的后台管理系统,供后台人员使用。 海錘(HiTrader)是一家已经覆盖全 球60多个国家的世 界 级交易员社区与投资网络。 作为金融交易行业的革新者,海錘全球首 创了概率搜索引擎,协助您搜出下一匹黑马(发现机会)!同时推出了震惊业界的颠覆式创新---概率跟随系统。概率跟随协助您瞬间捕捉获利机会(抓住机会)! 如何高效发现机会并抓住机会不仅是金融交易与投资领域的重大课题,更是成就人生的重 大课题。 【强大功能】 * 概率搜索引擎---基于社区的海量交易员行为数据,运用大数据,搜出交易员下一单的获利概率。 * 概率跟随---概率跟随能让您的交易账户瞬间同步目标交易员将要操作的概率订单。 愿景【重新定义交易与投资】 使命【让交易与投资更简单,自由,有趣!】 核心价值观【最好的投资就是投人】
Sea hammer hammer Alliance is back office systems of the sea, for back office staff to use. Sea hammer (HiTrader) is a has covered more than 60 countries world-class global dealer network and investment community. As the financial trading industry innovator, creating the world's first sea hammer probabilistic search engine to help you lower the seizure of a dark horse (find opportunities)! At the same time we launched a subversive innovation --- probability shocked the industry to follow the system. Probability follow to help you instantly capture profit opportunities (to seize the opportunity)! How to efficiently identify opportunities and seize the opportunity to not only be a major issue in the field of financial transactions and investments, but also success in life's major issues. [Powerful] * Probability community-based search engine --- Massive trader behavior data, the use of big data, the probability of profitable traders seized the next single. * Follow --- probability probability probability to follow orders to make your trading account instantly synchronize target traders will want to operate. [Vision to redefine the trading and investment mission to [make] trading and investment easier, freedom, fun! [] The core values ​​of the investment is the best investment]

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