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Hide Private Photos, Files & Videos: PRIVARY Vault APK

Latest Version: Publish Date: Developer:
2.9.0 Lancelot 2020-12-02 fourchars

The description of Hide Private Photos, Files & Videos: PRIVARY Vault

What is the Photo Vault PRIVARY: Hide Photos, Videos & Files application, how does it work?

According to the introduction of fourchars, Photo Vault PRIVARY: Hide Photos, Videos & Files is a Photography app on the Android platform. There is currently a 2.6.22 (Lancelot) BUILD 1797 version released on Nov 12, 2019, you can see the details below.

Hide secret photos, files and videos

Privary is the encrypted private vault for all files, photos and videos. Hide all personal stuff like photos, audio, videos, pdf, excel or any other files. Make them truly invisible and protect yourself against cybercrime.

Uploaded files to your Privary vault will be invisible to others and protected by your private password or fingerprint - powered by true military grade AES CTR encryption.

• Password, pin or fingerprint access
• Hide and encrypt unlimited files, photos and videos
• Create unlimited folders and subfolders

The Privary encrypted AES vault is a photo locker, gallery, filemanager and file locker with true AES CTR 256-bit encryption
Banks use the same encryption to store customer data securely.

Privary can be completely disguised from launcher. Or open a decoy Fake Vault when someone forces you to open your private vault.

More features:
● Full support for sd-card
● Detect intruders automatically
● Privary is not visible on your recently used apps list
● Create encrypted backups in your private Google Drive™ Cloud
● Make Privary photo vault invisible
● Create unlimited albums and choose your own covers

Privary file + photo locker is not just a private vault. Privary is a private filemanager to encrypt files, pictures and videos in a secret file and photo vault.

Frequently asked questions
How does Privary hide files?
Uploaded files are removed from the public gallery and encrypted with AES CTR.

Is this similar to a gallery lock?
No. Privary is a secret photo gallery & filemanager where you can place files, photos and videos to make them completely invisible to others for true security and privacy.

Can i take pictures or video out of the Privary private picture vault?
Yes, you can.

Can i unlock files at anytime?
Yes. You can unhide any file, photo or video and add it back to the default gallery whenever you want.

What should i do if i forget the password?
Activate the password recovery in the Privary settings.

Does Privary support .wmv or .avi playback?
Yes. Privary can handle all filetypes! Doesn't matter if mp4, wmv, mkv, avi, mov, 3gp, mpg, flv, h264, divx, ogv, f4v, m4v or dv.

How many files, photos or videos can i hide?
No limits. You can hide unlimited files, photos and videos.
Privary is also the best choice if you look for a locker app to keep your messenger photos private.

Are there any leaks like many other apps have?
No. Privary is a highly secured AES CTR encrypted vault. The only way to open your private gallery vault is with your private password. No tricks.

Do Privary send my files to servers?
No. All files will stay on your device only. Encrypted. Activated cloud will sync your files with your private Google Drive™ only. Encrypted as well with AES CTR.

Why are there ads?
Privary Premium is ad-free.

Any questions about the Privary files + photo and video vault?
Reach us at [email protected]

✓ About app permissions
Network: Licence check & cloud sync (if activated)
Contacts: Access your private Google Drive account (optional)
Camera: Take photos / videos (optional)

✓ Privary Privacy
We set the greatest importance to data protection to provide a truly secure file + photo and video vault. For highest protection, Privary doesn't collect any private data. Read more at http://fourchars.com/en/privary-privacy/

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Category: Requirements:
Tools Android 5.0+
Hide Private Photos, Files & Videos: PRIVARY Vault APK Version History
Hide Private Photos, Files & Videos: PRIVARY Vault Lancelot APK(Update: 2020-08-11)
Hide Private Photos, Files & Videos: PRIVARY Vault 2.6.28 (Lancelot) BUILD 1815 APK(Update: 2020-07-12)
Hide Private Photos, Files & Videos: PRIVARY Vault 2.6.26b (Lancelot) BUILD 1807 APK(Update: 2020-03-30)
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