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5.0.10 2018-12-02 LOQUET M.

The description of Molkky Scorer

Mölkky Scorer is an application, free and ad-free, which allows to keep score of Mölkky , the famous Finnish pin game.

With Mölkky Scorer you can play every man for himself or in teams (10 teams of 4 players max). All you have to do is to choose the number of points scored by a player and that's it! The application shows you the number of points of all players (or teams), their rankings,
their numbers of failures and shows you the player who must play .

Other features:

- Explanation of the games rules.
- You can change the number of points to be reached and the number of relapsed points for exceeding the score to reach.
- Registration of players created (no need to enter the name of the players from one party to the other).
- You can choose the color of each team.
- You can do random teams (or game round in every man for himself mode).
- You can undo your three last move in case of mistake.
- The shots historic of the current game is displayed for each player.
- Ringtone and vibrator when a player or a team is close to be eliminated, with possibility to desactivate.
- At the end of a game you can play again with the same players by changing the order of play
ways (same order, random order, order corresponding to the ranking of the lat party, etc...).
- 2 variants includes.

Feel free to contact me for additional options or translation errors.

What's new of Molkky Scorer

V 5.0.10
- Bugfix.
V 5.0.9
- Bugfix.
V 5.0.8
- Possible bug fix on the game statistics screen.
V 5.0.7
- Fixed bug on the screen of the rules of the game
V 5.0.6
- Managing player order in solo mode
V 5.0.5
- Bugfix
V 5.0.4
- Bugfix
V 5.0.3
- Bugfix
V 5.0.2
- Bugfix
V 5.0.1
- Bugfix
V 5.0.0
- Editing player selection screen
- Player management in database
V 4.7.0
- Display Optimizations
- Spanish Version
V 4.6.1
- Display Optimizations
- Bugfix sound access
Category: Requirements:
Entertainment Android 4.0.3+
Molkky Scorer APK Version History
Molkky Scorer 3.4 MB APK(Update: 2018-11-16)
Molkky Scorer 3.4 MB APK(Update: 2018-11-06)
Molkky Scorer 3.4 MB APK(Update: 2018-11-05)
Molkky Scorer 3.4 MB APK(Update: 2018-10-28)
Molkky Scorer 3.2 MB APK(Update: 2018-10-22)
Molkky Scorer 3.4 MB APK(Update: 2018-12-02)
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