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2.1.7 2018-03-29 CereBrahm Innovations Private Limited

Free Parenting Community And Pregnancy Care App For Expecting Moms and Parents

The description of BabyBerry: Pregnancy & Parenting Community

BabyBerry – Your personal aid for all things pregnancy and parenting!

BabyBerry is India’s most loved pregnancy & parenting app, providing you all the help you will need through your pregnancy and parenting journey.Pregnancy is one of the most precious moments for every couple as they embark on this beautiful journey towards parenthood. Expecting mothers can get a personalized pregnancy tracker, pregnancy calendar, pregnancy nutrition tips, baby kick counter, weight manager & more. BabyBerry is your 24/7 personal aid at your fingertips, to provide pregnancy care whenever you need it. From the very second your little one is born, you want to take utmost care of your little bundle of joy. BabyBerry provides extremely useful baby care tips that will help you become a pro at newborn care. You can also record all valuable information about your baby and access information on the go, with the help of baby growth chart. This app for newborns also provides mothers with health record manager, vaccination chart & parenting tips. The app also includes the BabyBerry forum where you can discuss your queries, problems & advice with other experienced parents. This is a one-stop app to get all your pregnancy and parenting questions answered.

BabyBerry covers a variety of topics for different age groups:

Pregnant women
Newborns (0 - 1 month old baby)
Infants (0 - 12 month old baby)
Toddlers (1 - 3 year old)

From Pregnancy to Parenting:

BabyBerry is designed to aid you in every step on your way to parenthood. A single app that helps all mothers-to-be in tracking her pregnancy and assisting her in nurturing a healthy baby.

Pregnancy features:

Pregnancy Calendar – Track your pregnancy week by week and know more about your health and body changes as you progress in your pregnancy
Weight Manager – Record, track and manage your weight during pregnancy
Health Record – Record all facts and information related to your and your baby’s health in one place and refer to them on the go
Pregnancy Reports - View weekly fetal developments
Kick Counter – Track your baby’s kicks with the help of baby kick counter
Pregnancy Tips – Read pregnancy tips & nutrition tips to help you sail through pregnancy with ease
BabyBerry Forum - Share your pregnancy queries/problems/advice on the forum and connect with other moms-to-be/parents.
Pregnancy Blog – All information about pregnancy under one roof

Parenting features:

Milestones – Record memorable milestones of your little one and know more about these important milestones.
Growth Chart – Record and track your baby’s height, weight and head circumference
Vaccinations – Baby Vaccination charts as per the latest IAP recommendations are updated automatically. Set reminders before a vaccination is due
Health Record – Keep a record of visits to the doctor. Save prescriptions and notes in one place
BabyBerry Forum - Share your parenting queries/problems/advice on the forum and connect with other parents.
Parenting Blog – Information on everything you will need to know to take care of your little bundle of joy

BabyBerry Forum:

Get all your doubts about pregnancy, parenting, baby care and personal care answered by women who have been through the same as you have, on the most interactive parenting community. Also, share valuable advice with women who have questions. Resolve all your issues & stay stress-free. Talk to other moms about pregnancy problems, birthing ways, baby names, baby care, parenting tips and tricks, and much more. Get answers to all your questions at your fingertips.

BabyBerry Blog:

Find articles that will provide information on pregnancy tips, pregnancy fitness, tips for men on how to embrace the pregnancy phase and step into fatherhood with ease. You can also read about valuable parenting tips, newborn baby care, baby care massage, how to develop good parenting skills, parenting tips for toddlers and much more.

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Forum - A new way to connect & share your experiences with other BabyBerry users.
Market Place - An exquisite collection of handpicked products for you and your baby.
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