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The description of White noise

The "White Noise for sleep baby" app for sleeping babies is designed to help parents.
No internet, with the ability to play noise in the background and the screen off. Also, the "White Noise for sleep baby" application has the function of stopping playback after a specified time (Timer).

Problems with a child’s sleep are familiar to almost all parents. It’s hard to put the baby to bed, then he wakes up every 15 minutes, or does not want to sleep in the crib. Establishing a newborn’s sleep is work and the baby, indeed, you can learn to get fit at eight o’clock yesterday, fall asleep without a chest and sleep all night for 10-12 hours in a row. Sleep counselors often advise using white noise when placing a newborn, and most mothers who use white noise note that it really works.

You yourself, as adults, probably fell asleep more than once under the white noise. For example, the noise of the road when the window is open, or a fan working in the apartment. This is white noise - a background sound in which there are high, medium and low frequencies, they are evenly distributed and sound at the same volume, without any differences. In our life we ​​are constantly confronted with such noise. This is the buzz of the crowd, the sound of rain, a waterfall, the murmur of a river, the sound of a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, air conditioning, crackling fire and others. But if such noise does not always have a calming effect on adults, and sometimes even vice versa, prevents sleep, then for a newborn this monotonous sound is more familiar than silence and helps to calm down.

The explanation is simple. All the while the baby was in her mother’s stomach, he was not in absolute silence. He heard mother’s heart beating, how she breathes, how blood runs through her vessels, her intestines are noisy, and also many sounds from outside: conversations, music and much more. All this noise sounded constantly and measuredly. The kid is used to such a background, so the silence in which the parents try to put the child to bed can frighten him. By the way, many mothers themselves imitate the white noise when they rock the baby, saying "shhhhh." Most children sleep well in a stroller for a walk - just under the white noise of the street.

The benefits of white noise:

Helps the baby calm down. If the baby cries for a long time, and the mother can not calm him down with motion sickness or breasts, can not distract him in any way, then the inclusion of white noise can help. Many mothers tell stories of how children suddenly calmed down when they entered the bathroom, where water ran from a faucet.

Speeds up falling asleep. This was confirmed by studies when most newborns were able to fall asleep under white noise for five minutes, while in the control group without using noise, only 25 percent of the babies fell asleep at the same time.

Improves the quality and depth of sleep. When using white noise, the newborn does not wake up every 20 minutes, which mothers often complain about. The problem of fragmentation of sleep is solved, it becomes longer, the baby sleeps better.

Helps mask extraneous sounds. This is especially familiar to mothers who already have older children, who prevent their younger ones from falling asleep with their games. Repair at the neighbors, loud noises from the street or guests in the next room - all this also prevents the newborn from falling asleep. The included white noise will mask these sounds and help solve the problem.

Helps to relax and relax mom. With a better dream with white noise, mom has more time for herself to do household chores or just relax. In addition, the woman herself, most likely, will fall asleep easier to such noise after a hard day.

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