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The window is one of the most mandatory thing that everyone must have the house.

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When building a house, usually people do not pay attention to the window. No, usually they will focus more on interior design such as furniture to be used or the design of the walls of their homes. In fact, choosing the window is a very important thing. In addition to its function as a ventilation window air entering, selecting a window with the right design will make the design of your home look nicer and matches the existing furniture in the house. For materials, frame made of wood or lightweight steel could be your choice, adjust well with the theme of your home. For color window design minimalist home tend to be more simple and not excessive because the aspect of a minimalist home is usually always include something simple and comfortable to be seen.
1. Select a window that reflects the architectural style of the house
All the houses have architectural design style that makes it unique and different from others. To get the right window, the first step that must be done is to choose an appropriate window to the design aesthetic of your home.
2. Determine your window function
Basically, the window serves as a 'road' for light to enter your home. But, the window can also be used as a door if you use the type of window is a sliding window.
3. Frame and colorful mullion
In addition to color and architectural style of the house, you can also choose the right window by selecting the pole and the window frame color.
4. Select the most good accent color for window frames
Choosing exterior paint color palette is often confusing. To get the right color, you can also pay attention to the environment around your house or your neighbor's houses as a reference material.
5. Select the window that corresponds to the amount of ventilation required
One important benefit is the window for ventilation to exchange fresh air in the room. Make sure your needs will help you determine what kind of window that you will install.
6. Select the window that lures for your home interior
Aesthetics home is an important thing. But do not forget that the window also has an aesthetic function to the inside of your home. The bathrooms, for example.
7. Select a window that suits your needs and your tastes
Currently there are many types of windows that you can choose. You can choose a classic sash window. This type of window is a window that can be moved up or down or left to right.
8. Make window of the house as the focal point of your interior
If around the house you have a nice view, or the unique architecture of your home, try using windows with styles, shapes, and colors, as well as details that could enliven the interior of your home.
9. Make sure the direction of the sun before choosing a window
If you're designing a house with the help of an architect or a contractor, consider the direction of the rising and setting sun.
10. Installing the window is a great renovation project
Maybe you are intending to replace the model of the kitchen, or bathroom. Go ahead, but do not forget to replace your old windows. Lately, a lot of products that can become energy windows, you can try the type of window.

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